20 December 2010 @ 10:00 pm
Review: The Phantom Of The Opera (1986 Original London Cast Recording)
Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics: Charles Hart, Richard Stilgoe
Album Info: Cast Albums
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The Phantom of the Opera: Michael Crawford
Christine: Sarah Brightman
Raoul: Steve Barton

Wow, it's been a while since a review, LOL. This one's always on the back of my head since it's one of my personal favorite recordings since it's the first recording I've ever got and it's memorable for that (especially for introducing me to Sarah Brightman (also the "La Luna" CD/concert on PBS Channel 13) as well as Michael Crawford and Steve Barton.

Now on to the review :D! This recording is almost complete with adding almost all of the dialogue but missing several of the big musical moments like more of the "Hannibal" dress rehearsals (I love the ballet music), the entire "Il Muto" sequence (the ballet is rather chopped up here), and importantly The Phantom's "Seal My Fate" is missing as well so listeners won't get to listen to Crawford doing that part on the CD. The orchestrations are wonderful on this recording and there's also the trio on the graveyard scene in which is removed from other productions except London.

Michael Crawford is amazing as the Phantom. His voice shows how romantic he is and also shows the menacing side of the Phantom as well. Sarah Brightman has one of the most loveliest voice as Christine and uses it to full potential in "Think Of Me" as well as the duet with Michael Crawford in "The Phantom Of The Opera" along with "The Point Of No Return" and with Steve Barton in "All I Ask Of You". Steve Barton is one of the best Raouls there and is one enormous talent.

This is one essential recording for a Musical Theatre's library and it sure has paved way for more recordings on my collection :D. I also have the highlights version in which is also essential as well. The highlights is different as it contains the singles to "The Music Of The Night" with different lyrics as well as "The Phantom of the Opera" in which Brightman's high note ends with an echo, "All I Ask of You" with Steve Barton and Sarah Brightman and "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" (this is the same version used in the music video). All and all, I think both are worth owning.