04 September 2011 @ 12:43 am
Okay, here we go again but this time with "Tanz der Vampire". I'll be editing/revising/adding things along the way and once again, others are welcome to contribute. :)

Tanz der Vampire: The Differences )
Music: Jim Steinman
Lyrics: Michael Kunze
Album Info: Cast Albums Page
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Graf von Krolock: Steve Barton
Sarah: Cornelia Zenz
Alfred: Aris Sas
Professor Abronsious: Gernot Kranner
Herbert: Nik
Chagal: James Sbano
Rebecca: Anne Welte
Magda: Eva Maria Marold

More info on the original songs here and a complete synopsis here. Here is more information on the Roman Polaski film that it was based on.

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